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Behind the Badge

PC Sarpong is one of the stars of our new Behind the Badge series. Hear her talk about the importance of a diverse police service and what being an officer means to her.

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I became an officer. 

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It’s something that I’d always sort of thought about, thought about it for a very long time.  
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I really strongly believe that, be the change you want to see.

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So, you know, I wanted to ensure that the police in my community were positive.

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It’s important for the police to be diverse.

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The community’s diverse.

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Obviously the police want to represent the community.

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In order to do so, they need everyone from different backgrounds.

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Intakes following me.

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I’ve seen Asian and Black backgrounds coming in 

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which is really positive.

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When I started on division, it was really nice.

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It was really easy to fit in.

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Everyone welcomes you straight away.

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It’s definitely a fun place to work.

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Everyone has a really good sense of humour

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and we like to have a laugh with people.

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It is like another family.

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It’s just a fun place to be. It’s a really nice environment to work in.

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The Police Force means family, it means community 

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and it just fills me with a sense of pride to be a part of 

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such a positive force. 

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