How we're creating a diverse and inclusive police service

  • Fair recruitment and selection - all police recruitment processes are fair and based on merit. 
  • Positive Action - local forces have a range of initiatives underway to encourage people from all backgrounds to apply to join the police and support serving officers. Check out your chosen force's website to see what positive action initiatives they're running.
  • Faith considerations - police forces are supportive of all religions, making adjustments to give officers the time and freedom to practice their faith.
Two officers on the street

Support organisations

There are a number of organisations working to ensure our police forces are representative of our communities. Find out what they're doing to promote diversity and inclusion and the support they offer. 

Female police officer talking to child.

Our stories

Hear from some of our serving officers on their experiences as a police officer, what they enjoy most in their job, how they've progressed in their police career and the support they've received. 

Want to know more about the application process?

There are a number of different entry routes for joining the police, depending on your experience and educational qualifications. Find out which entry route could be the best one for you. 

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