Why join the Police?

Two female officers in uniform, standing at the front door of a house.

A career in policing can be really rewarding, both for you as an individual and also for the communities you’ll serve.

Two officers getting into a police car.

Rewards of Policing

Becoming a police officer opens up opportunities to develop personally and professionally and make a positive difference in your community. And you’ll earn while you learn. Find out more about the rewards of policing.

Female police officer laughing with carnival go-er.

Diversity and inclusivity in policing

To be able to represent and engage with the communities we serve, it’s vital that our police service is inclusive and diverse. That’s why it’s really important that people from all  backgrounds, ages, ethnicities, faiths, abilities, gender and sexual orientation, apply to join the police. Find out more about how we champion inclusion and diversity in policing.

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Male and female officer in police uniform walking down a street talking.

It's the only job I've ever wanted to do.

Male officer inside police station in uniform talking to camera.

So from a very early age, so sort of primary school, high school, it's the only thing that ever appealed to me. 

Male and female officer continue to walk down the street.

There are so many different roles within the police.

Male officer inside police station in uniform talking to camera.

And you can do your full career, whether it's thirty years or thirty-five years and still not do every role within the police. 

Male officer is driving a police car.

Not only is it mentally challenging and physically challenging, the main thing is it's rewarding. 

Male officer inside police station in uniform talking to camera.

It's the one job that you can actually make a difference. 

Male and female officer walking outside approach Banbury Police Station. 

Your work ethic and everything that you do, does have an impact on the community, the people you work with, the organisation. 

Male officer inside police station in uniform talking to camera.

The fact that I have made a difference in somebody's life, ultimately that's what keeps me going. 

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You can also read our interview with Yasser to find out more about his policing career and how he sees his race as a positive aspect. 

Who can join?

There are various ways to join the police, depending on your work, life and educational experience. We welcome applications from people of all backgrounds, cultures and experiences.

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