Professional Policing Degree Holder

There are many different routes into a career in policing. For some people, they prefer to study full-time for the degree in Professional Policing before applying to their chosen force. This lets them focus on achieving the best degree result they can, without having to work full-time as they learn. 

Over the three-year course, students gain the knowledge and academic theory behind professional policing. Once they’ve successfully completed the course, they can then apply to join their chosen force as a new police officer, putting the theory they’ve learned into practice.

Some forces offer entry routes specifically for people who’ve already completed or will shortly complete the licenced Degree in Professional Policing from one of these universities. If this sounds like you, go to our ‘Who’s recruiting’ page to search for forces offering this entry route.

If you’re not already familiar with the Degree in Professional Policing, you can find out more on the College of Policing website. Remember though, successful achievement of the Degree in Professional Policing doesn't guarantee you'll be offered a probationary police constable role by your chosen force, as each force has its own entry requirements, recruitment process and selection policy. 

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