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Founded in 1883, the Christian Police Association (CPA) has over 4,000 members. Our aim is to support Christians in the police service and provide a link between the police and the Christian community.

Support we provide

As a national charity, the CPA takes a lead on all issues relevant to Christians in policing. We offer:

  • Ad-hoc advice for those from a Christian background considering a career in policing
  • Support to serving Christian police officers and staff
  • Engagement between police and Christian communities
  • An opportunity to connect with Christians within the police service across the UK and internationally
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Questions you might have

It’s natural to have questions if you’re thinking about becoming a police officer. The CPA is here to ensure that your faith will always be respected within your role. Take a look through our FAQs below.

Will I be able to practice my religion whilst on duty?

The police service is committed to creating a diverse workforce and accommodating the needs of all officers, although the ‘on-call’ nature of policing means that you’ll sometimes need to be flexible.

Will I have to work on Sundays?

Local rosters and planning your annual leave in advance means that, where possible, your force can make adjustments so you can practice your faith. However, it's unlikely you'll never have to work on Sunday.

Will I be accepted as a Christian in the police service?

Yes, the police service welcomes people from all backgrounds and encourages officers to bring their own personality and faith to their role, whilst protecting the public in an impartial way.

My family and friends don't consider being a police officer a respectable profession. Is there career progression in the police?

A career in policing can be both professionally and intellectually challenging. After you’ve finished your two-year probation period, there are many roles you can specialise in as well as opportunities to progress through the ranks. Policing is a chance to serve your community, support those who are vulnerable and make a difference, making your friends and family proud.

What support is available if I experience discrimination?

The police service does not accept any form of discrimination and is committed to supporting all its officers. There are robust processes in place to ensure all officers are protected. If a Christian officer is experiencing discrimination, get in touch with us – we’re here to help.

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Many police forces offer positive action initiatives, such as mentoring and online engagement sessions, to specifically support people from under-represented groups to apply. Get in touch with your chosen force to find out what positive action initiatives they're running. 

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