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Founded in 2007, the National Association of Muslim Police (NAMP) was established to create a stronger network of Muslim officers and staff within the police service and support their religious and wellbeing needs. NAMP includes officers from all ranks and also works with external organisations, including key community contacts, Muslim media outlets and Mosque Councils. 

Support we provide

We aim to address inequality within the police service and work to ensure that all forces are representative of the communities they serve. We support all our Muslim officers by: 

  • Improving recruitment, retention and career progression
  • Promoting learning and career development
  • Promoting awareness of Islam within the service and wider community
  • Influencing the direction of national policies
  • Ensuring grievance procedures are fair for all
  • Tackling Islamophobia and common misconceptions
Male and female Muslim officers standing next to a police van and smiling to camera.

Questions you might have

It's natural to have questions when thinking about joining the police. NAMP is here to ensure that your faith will always be respected within your role as a police officer. Take a look through our FAQs below.

Can I wear my hijab when on duty?

Yes, absolutely - the hijab is an approved uniform option. 

Will I be able to attend Friday prayer?

Local rosters and planning your annual leave in advance means that, wherever possible, your force will make adjustments so you can practice your faith.

Will I be able to pray at work?

Many of the larger forces have prayer rooms for officers to use and smaller forces will always be willing to make arrangements so you can practice your religion.

Will I be able to observe Ramadan at work?

Yes, officers are encouraged and supported to practice their religion. During Ramadan, you can speak to your force about altering your shift pattern to help work around meals and ensure you have enough rest. 

What support is available if I experience discrimination?

The Police service does not accept any form of discrimination and is committed to supporting all its officers and staff. NAMP will support any Muslim officer or staff member that experiences discrimination, so get in touch with us - we're here to help. 

My family and friends don’t consider being a police officer a respectable profession. Is there career progression in the police?

A career in policing can be both professionally and intellectually challenging. After you've finished your two-year probation period, there are many roles you can specialise in, as well as opportunities to progress through the ranks. A chance to serve your community, support those who are vulnerable and make a difference, making your friends and family proud. 

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Keep in touch

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Positive Action

Many police forces offer positive action initiatives, such as mentoring and online engagement sessions, to specifically support people from under-represented groups to apply. Get in touch with your chosen force to find out what positive action initiatives they're running. 

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