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Founded in 2009, the Police Pagan Association (PPA) is a national organisation that supports Pagan police officers and staff. With members in almost every police force in the UK, we work together to develop the relationship between Pagan communities and the police service.

Support we provide

The PPA works to inform and educate people about modern Paganism. As well as representing Pagans within the police service, we:

  • Raise awareness about the issues affecting Pagans within the police service
  • Facilitate discussions about Paganism – providing the Pagan perspective
  • Have developed a professional and social network between officers
  • Contribute to the professional development of all our members
  • Provide our input to legislation that impacts the Pagan community
Police officer with crowd at Stonehenge.

Questions you might have

It’s natural to have questions if you’re thinking about becoming a police officer. The PPA is here to ensure that your beliefs will always be respected within your role. Take a look through our FAQs below.

Is being a Pagan compatible with a career in policing?

Absolutely. The police service actively welcomes people from all backgrounds, cultures and communities so we can fully represent the people we serve. As a police officer, you have the chance to be the ‘voice of change’. By helping others understand people from your community, you can help to change attitudes for the better.

What support is available if I experience discrimination?

The police service does not accept any form of discrimination and is committed to supporting all its officers. There are robust processes in place to ensure all officers are protected. We also have a network of First Point of Contact officers throughout the UK you can get in touch with for support.

Will I be permitted time off to attend religious ceremonies?

Local rosters and planning annual leave in advance means that, where possible, your force can make adjustments for you to practice your faith. Some Pagan Officers request to cover standard Bank Holiday dates like Christmas so they can have time off to observe Samhain or Yule.

Will I be able to pray whilst at work?

Many of the larger forces have prayer rooms for officers to use and smaller forces will always be willing to make arrangements so you can practice your religion.

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Keep in touch

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Positive Action

Many police forces offer positive action initiatives, such as mentoring and online engagement sessions, to specifically support people from under-represented groups to apply. Get in touch with your chosen force to find out what positive action initiatives they're running. 

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