What does the sift involve?

There are two different sifting processes. The sift you complete will depend on the force you apply to.

In-force sift

Your recruiting force can provide you with information about their in-force sifting process.

National sift

The national sift consists of two exercises testing the competencies and values that are important for a role in policing. 

  • A situational judgement test (SJT). This includes 15 scenarios, and measures your ability to make effective decisions in situations you could find yourself in as a police constable. The SJT should take approximately 30 minutes to complete, but it isn’t timed. 
  • A behavioural styles questionnaire (BSQ). This includes 80 statements regarding your typical behaviour and preferences at work. It should take approximately 20 minutes, but isn’t timed.

To best prepare to complete the national sift, we encourage you to read the national sift candidate guide. This guide includes example scenarios similar to those you’ll be presented with in the national sift.

Getting your results

For the in-force sift, your recruiting force will provide you with more information on when and how you’ll receive your results.

For the national sift, you’ll receive an email telling you whether you have or haven’t met the national standard. Please note that the results window will vary depending on your recruiting force and their processing requirements.

As soon as you successfully pass the sifting process, you’ll move onto the online assessment process and be asked to complete the competency-based interview (CBI).

Reasonable adjustments and accommodations

If you have any condition that might cause you to be disadvantaged during the sift process, temporary or otherwise (for example pregnancy, injury, medical conditions, disability or neurodivergence such as dyslexia and autism), you may be entitled to an accommodation or reasonable adjustment.

Looking for some more guidance? 

You can find out more about the sift and the reasonable adjustments provided at Sift and online assessment process | College of Policing.

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