Degree Holder & Detective Entry programmes

Degree Holder Programme

If you already have a degree (in any subject), there's the option of a two-year work-based training programme supported by off-the-job learning. As part of the programme, you'll focus on a specialist area of study from either Investigation, Intelligence, Community, Roads or Response policing. You'll earn a Level 6 - Post-Graduate diploma in Professional Policing Practice once you've completed your probation.

Alternatively, Police Now offers two-year national leadership development programmes, specifically designed for graduates.

Detective Degree Holder Entry Programme

This two-year programme also sees you achieve a Level 6 - Post-Graduate Diploma in Professional Policing Practice but, as you'd expect, learning is biased towards an investigative perspective. It's a more intense programme, as you also need to successfully complete the National Investigators Examination and meet PIP2 assessment criteria in order to become a Professionalising Investigation Programme Level 2 (PIP2) accredited detective. 

Some forces offer 'Fast Track Detective Pathways' where candidates spend a period of time in uniform before they start their investigator pathway. Other forces offer a 'Direct Entry Detective Pathway' where candidates start in an investigation role. Speak to the force you're looking to apply to directly to find out what's on offer. 

Police Now also offers a two-year National Detective Programme, which starts off with 12 weeks of Detective Academy training before an eight-week stint in uniform with your chosen police force. You'll then move into a series of CID placements. Throughout your training, you'll be guided and supported by a Police Now Leadership Development Officer, as well as your force line manager. 

Some forces are also still offering the Traditional (IPLDP) entry route, which can be accessed by graduates and non-graduates. It’s being phased out but if your chosen force is still offering it for now, it might still be the best route for you.

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