What are the written and briefing exercises?

For this stage of the application process, you'll need a laptop, desktop computer or tablet with a microphone, webcam and flash player to record your name at the end of the exercises to confirm your identity. You should receive a full information pack detailing what to expect in advance.

In the written exercise,  you'll be asked to assume the role of a police constable who needs to complete an urgent written task for your line manager.

You'll be given four pieces of information to help you with the task. You'll have 40 minutes to read the information and complete the written exercise, which must be done in one sitting. It's designed to assess you against the following competencies and values that are important for police constables:

  • Impartiality
  • We analyse critically
  • We deliver, support and inspire
  • We are collaborative

In the briefing exercise, you'll again assume the role of a police constable. You'll be briefed on a specific issue and tasked with responding to a number of related questions.  

You'll be given 10 minutes to read the preparation materials you're given and consider your response. In the remaining 36 minutes, you'll be given questions to answer. In this exercise, you'll be assessed on the following competencies and values:  

  • Public service
  • We are emotionally aware
  • We take ownership
  • We are innovative and open-minded

After you've completed both exercises, you'll receive your result by email. If you're successful at this stage, you'll then move on to the Medical and Fitness tests and Vetting