What does the Competency Interview involve?

You'll be asked a series of questions about how you've dealt with specific situations in the past. This is your opportunity to provide some examples of the key competencies and values that are important for police constables, which are: 

  • Integrity
  • Public service
  • Transparency
  • We take ownership
  • We are innovative and open-minded

You can use examples from both your work and your personal life.

The interview will take up to 35 minutes and you'll need a laptop, desktop computer, mobile or tablet.

You'll be asked five questions - they'll appear one at a time on screen, along with some supplementary points for you to consider.

For each question, you'll be given 1 minute to consider the question and prepare your answer, followed by 5 minutes to record your response. Remember to talk clearly and concisely, try to stay relaxed and be yourself.

As with the Situational Judgement Test, you need to be able to complete the competency interview in one sitting - you won't be able to pause or restart once you begin.

Your result will be sent by email. If you pass this stage of the application process, you'll then undertake a written exercise and briefing exercise. The force you've applied to will email you with a full information pack and details of when you need to do these.