What's involved in the Situational Judgement Test?

This test is designed to measure your judgement and ability to make appropriate and effective decisions when in situations you're likely to face as a police officer. You'll need a laptop, desktop computer, mobile or tablet - please make sure your device isn't in silent mode.

You’ll be presented with 12 different questions, each with four response options. After each question, you’ll be prompted to say what you would do in the situation described.

The test normally takes around 30 minutes to complete but you can take up to two hours to complete it, so don’t rush things. Be sure to read everything carefully before making your selections, and make sure you answer every question. The test must be completed in one sitting - you won't be able to take a break until you've finished it.

As soon as you've completed the test, you'll receive your outcome via the system. If you've successfully passed it, you'll move on to the Competency-based video interview.