What's involved in the vetting process?

Vetting is a crucial part of the application process and typically involves you declaring:

  • Your previous names and any aliases
  • Your address history
  • Your partner and their address history
  • Your parents and your partner’s parents
  • Your full, half & step siblings
  • Your children (if aged over 10)
  • All co-residents at your current address (lodgers, other family etc)
  • If you have any cautions or convictions, including Fixed Penalty Notices
  • If you’ve ever been arrested
  • If you’ve ever been involved in an investigation
  • Your traffic offences
  • If you have any criminal associates and if so, their details
  • Any County Court Judgements, Individual Voluntary Arrangement or Debt Relief Order, or if you are/have been declared bankrupt

Why do you need to provide this information?

It’s vital that our police officers act with integrity and honesty at all times and aren’t vulnerable to extortion or blackmail, which is why it’s important that you answer with complete honesty. If in doubt about whether you need to disclose something or not, it’s best to include it - your chosen force can then discuss with you whether it affects your application or not.

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