Dog handler

Every police recruit has to complete a 2-3 year probationary period on the front line. But after your probation, there’s a huge range of different roles you could progress to, including specialist positions like dog handling.

Here’s a bit more about what being a police dog handler involves.

  • When responding to requests for police dog assistance, you’ll provide professional expertise, tactical advice and operational support to frontline officers.
  • You’ll conduct searches with your dog, including locating missing persons, assisting in arresting offenders and supporting officers in their investigations.
  • It’s also your role to help contain dangerous or out of control dogs to protect public safety.
  • You’ll capture and control dogs when frontline officers are conducting search warrants or interventions into premises.
  • You and your dog will conduct patrols to help detect and prevent crime.
  • You’ll provide specialist advice on the deployment of dogs to contribute to investigations and strategies.
  • You’ll deliver educational talks to colleagues and the public, to inform people of the vital roles of police dogs, as well as support and develop the relationship between police and the public.

But most importantly, you’ll care, train and home your specialist dog to ensure they are happy, healthy and can do their duties effectively.

This is just one way your police career could take you after successfully completing your probation. Find out more about career progression.

The tail of PC Sewell

PC Darren Sewell has been a police officer for nearly 21 years and has spent the last 16 years in his dream job as a dog handler. He works with his trusty police dog Gilly as part of Leicestershire Police's dog unit.

Even after all these years, there's nothing else I'd rather do. 

PC Darren Sewell

Dog handler

Read the full article about PC Darren and his life-saving companion Gilly.

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