Representing our communities

We recognise that a modern day police service needs to fully reflect the communities it serves so we’re working hard to recruit police officers from a much broader, diverse range of people, in line with the Policing Vision for 2025 of a more representative police force. We welcome people from all backgrounds, regardless of age, genders, race, faith, sexual orientations, parental or relationship status.

That’s because the more our police officers represent the communities we serve, the more we understand their needs and concerns and the better we work together to make communities safer and stronger.

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Female police officer walks towards the camera wearing police uniform and hijab.

When I made the decision to join the police,

Female police officer stands in front of police car and talks to camera.

I knew I was a minority within the organisation and I wouldn’t see many of me. I think that was a little bit scary for me and I think visibly looking Muslim

Female police officer sat in police car driving down street.

I think that was also another big step for me. Coming in to the workforce, I’m just an officer,

Female police officer stands in front of police car and talks to camera.

I’ve never felt different or worried about how I’d fit in, if anything I think it’s boosted my confidence, because it’s a big thing to step out of your house wearing a hijab and look different…

Female police officer and male police officer are walking down the street talking, Banbury Police Station sign is visible in background.

to just about anyone and to do it in an organisation like this where you’re meeting different people every day, interacting with different people.

Female police officer stands in front of police car and talks to camera.

It’s been a bit of a confidence booster but I also think I’m proud because it’s to show people that I’m still me, I’m still practicing, I’m still a Muslim.

Female police officer is sat in police car laughing with a colleague.

I can still continue my culture and religion and police, so that’s been quite a positive for me.

Female and male police officer smile to camera.

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How we're creating a diverse and inclusive police service

  • Fair recruitment and selection - all police recruitment processes are fair and based on merit.
  • Positive Action - local forces have a range of initiatives underway to encourage people from all backgrounds to apply to join the police and support serving police officers. Check out your chosen force’s website to see what positive action initiatives they’re running.
  • Faith considerations - police forces are supportive of all religions, making adjustments to give officers the time and freedom to practice their faith.
  • Support networks - there are many associations and support organisations who exist to help under-represented groups apply and then thrive in policing.

Supporting neurodiversity

Hear serving officer Myles talk about his experiences of being colour blind and the support he's received to help him do his job. Discover Myles' story

PC Myles Scott smiling to the camera.

Who can join?

There are various ways to join the police, depending on your work, life and educational experience. We welcome applications from people of all backgrounds, cultures and experiences.