We welcome applications from people of all backgrounds, cultures and experiences and you don’t need a degree to join. That’s why there are various ways to join the police.

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Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship

The three-year Apprenticeship lets you earn while you learn.

Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship

Police Constable Entry Programme (PCEP)

Two-year entry programmes that don’t require you to study for a degree during probation. 


Degree Holder Entry Programme (DHEP)

The two-year work-based DHEP route sees you end up with a graduate diploma in Professional Policing Practice.

Degree Holder Entry Programme

Detective Degree Holder Entry Programme

The two-year work-based Detective Degree Holder Entry Programme is biased towards investigation. 

Detective Degree Holder Entry

Professional Policing Degree Holder

Some forces offer a dedicated entry programme for graduates with the Degree in Professional Policing. 

Professional Policing Degree Holder

Police Now Graduate Programmes

Police Now offers two-year entry routes specifically for graduates, including a National Detective programme. 

Police Now Graduate Programmes

Are you a former officer?

You can rejoin at your existing rank or potentially at a higher rank based on experience you’ve gained outside policing.

More about rejoining

Are you a Special Constable/Volunteer?

Some forces have dedicated entry programmes for people who already volunteer. Your commitment and experience will be valued.

More on joining as a paid officer

Want to volunteer as a Special Constable?

You don’t always need to join straight into paid roles. You can volunteer as a Special Constable, where you’ll undertake the same training as a regular paid Police Constable, while committing to a minimum of four hours a week. Contact your local force about volunteering.

Positive action

Positive action initiatives support people from under-represented groups to apply. Check out your chosen force’s website to see what positive action initiatives they’re running.

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