Personal safety training

It’s natural to worry about safety when you’re thinking about joining the police service. But keeping our officers safe is paramount to us, which is why personal safety training is a key part of the training you’ll receive. You’ll be taught the skills you need to quickly assess situations and ensure you react appropriately and safely.

Personal safety training is typically a 5-day course, which includes:


Defusing situations

You’ll be trained on how to listen and communicate to try to resolve issues without the use of force.



You’ll learn unarmed self-defence skills, including restraint techniques.


Using handcuffs

You’ll be shown legal and proportionate use of handcuffs.


Using a baton and spray

You’ll be trained on how to use your baton and irritant spray in a legal and proportionate way.


Using limb restraints

You’ll be trained on how to use these to restrict someone’s movement so you can prevent or reduce harm to everyone involved.

Ellie's view on safety training

Watch Ellie, a new Kent Police recruit, talk about how her confidence in handling difficult situations has grown through the personal safety training she's received.

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